Securing API Servers

Learn key concepts for keeping API servers secure - from CORS to error handling to rate limiting and more.

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Course Topics

Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Learn why CORS is critical to prevent API abuse from unauthorized sources.

Error Disclosure

Manage error messaging properly and avoid disclosing useful information to attackers.

Information Leak

Keep your server from leaking valuable information for hacking.

Insecure Cookies

Protect user data from being harvested through insecure cookies.

Path Traversal

Ensure you aren't allowing direct access to sensitive information. 

Rate Limits

Protect yourself from a DDOs by unsuspecting hordes.

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Meet the Instructor
Anthony Aragues,
Head of APIsec Labs

Anthony has a 20+ year career in Security for government, enterprise and small companies.He brings security knowledge from a well rounded perspective of being an active developer, security researcher and support for customers in the field.

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