API Security workshop for your team

Raise awareness of API risks and learn best practices for keeping APIs secure with APIsec University-led workshops customized for your organization.

Private API
Security Workshop

Why a Private Workshop?

The API Security Workshop helps organizations raise awareness of API risks and learn best practices for keeping APIs secure. The sessions are highly educational and have no sales pitches or vendor promotion. Workshops generally run 45-50 minutes, leaving time for Q&A. Organizations are welcome to record the sessions and request the slide materials.

Workshop Topics Include:

  • Why hackers are targeting APIs
  • Examination of real-world API breaches
  • Review OWASP API Security Top 10
  • Discuss the 3 Pillars of API Security (governance, monitoring, testing)
  • Top 10 best practices for API security

Organizations Love
APIsec University

Our private workshops are the perfect solution for organizations of every size looking to ground their security and development teams in API Security fundamentals and best practices.

Just as with our popular APIsec U courses, our private workshops are led by leading experts in IT Security.

Dylan L

CDSA | OSCP | Security Operations Officer

A huge shout out to APIsec University for taking the time to present to myself and colleagues around API Security!

‍For those who don't already know,  is more than happy to organize a free company-wide workshop/presentation where he will touch on all of the above topics and is more than happy to answer any questions thrown his way."


Gaurav Thorat

Head of Information Security

What else could be the best way to kick off "Developer Security Awareness" initiatives at the Kredivo Group.

Super thanks to Dan and APIsec University for delivering a breakfast session on Practical API Security Awareness for the developer community at Kredivo Group. Thanks to the Kredivo Engineering leaders for being supportive & proactive about InfoSec!