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Why Should You Obtain the ASCP Certification?

  • Boost Your Career: The ASCP certification sets you apart from the competition, proving to employers that you have the knowledge and skills required to effectively secure web APIs.
  • Stay Up-to-Date: Keep your skillset current and relevant in a rapidly changing technological landscape by mastering the latest in API security best practices.
  • Join an Elite Community: Connect with other ASCP-certified professionals to share knowledge, experiences, and opportunities in the cybersecurity industry.


The ASCP exam validates your ability to effectively conduct live penetration testing on web APIs in order to identify and assess potential security vulnerabilities.

The exam will demonstrate that you know how to discover APIs, interact with endpoints, and exploit several weaknesses like Broken Authentication, Mass Assignment, and Broken Object Level Authorization. When you obtain the ASCP, you will prove that you have the skill set to thoroughly test web APIs.

Who is this for?

The ASCP is for anyone looking for a challenge that will demonstrate they have the skills to test web APIs for security weaknesses. Professionally speaking, ASCP is a great certification to have for security engineers, developers, bug bounty hunters, and penetration testers.

The API Penetration Testing course is completely free for anyone that wants to learn about API hacking. Those who would like to certify their knowledge can take the API Penetration Testing exam. The exam is a practical assessment of your ability to test APIs and find vulnerabilities. Students who pass the exam will receive the certification.

Certified API Security Analyst Exam

Ready to put your API security knowledge to the test?

The CASA exam is designed to test your expertise in API security threats, risks, and best practices. Students are expected to have completed the OWASP API Security and Beyond! course before attempting to earn the CASA certification.

About the exam

Exam Cost: $125 USD (retakes are $75)
Photo of Corey Ball

Corey Ball

Chief Hacking Officer, APIsec University

You can design an API you think is ultra-secure, but if you don't test it, then a cybercriminal somewhere is going to do it for you."


Meet the Instructor
Corey Ball

Corey Ball has emerged as one of the leading experts in API security and is the author of Hacking APIs. Corey is a cybersecurity consulting manager at Moss Adams, where he leads its penetration testing services. He has over ten years of experience working in IT and cybersecurity across several industries, including aerospace, agribusiness, energy, financial tech, government services, and healthcare.