API Documentation Best Practices

This 2-hour course covers everything you need to know to create, automate, and publish API documentation your developers, partners and users will love. You’ll also learn why API documentation is the foundation for strong governance, effective API security, and achieving your API business goals.

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Course Topics


Introduction to API documentation and the agenda for this course.

What is API Documentation

Understand the value of documentation, types of documentation, and who creates documentation.

The Business Impact of API Documentation

Understand why good API documentation matters for security, governance, and partnerships.

How to Write Good Documentation

In this module we’re learn out to write good documentation and walk through a live examples.

Documentation Techniques & Tools

Discover tools and techniques for creating documentation, and their respective pros and cons.

Documentation Best Practices

Wrap up the course with some tactical best practices to help improve your API documentation.

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Meet the Instructor
Jason Harmon

As CTO of Stoplight, Jason Harmon oversees a world-class engineering team seeking to solve the software industry’s API design problems. He is also the host of Stoplight’s podcast, API Intersection, focused on conversations with leading API leaders on how to scale API programs. Before joining Stoplight in 2020, Jason was the Senior Director of Platform Architecture at Expedia, serving as the primary stakeholder for the development of an internal developer portal and tooling to be utilized in strategic replatforming around APIs. Jason brings over 20 years of experience in the technology and API world, and in his free time, Jason is passionate about educating engineers and business folks about APIs, as well as developer experience. Jason is also known for his articles on apiux.com and pragmaticapi.com, and is a member of the OpenAPI technical community. Jason graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a BS in Computer Science.

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